Come-and-Go Bag

The Come and Go Bag is a beautiful accessory that you keep near the door, and it functions as the ultimate organizer. Be sure to prepare the Come and Go Bag the night before to save you time and frustration in the morning. In the evening before you go to bed, gather the things that you need for the following day and place them in this beautiful bag so that you are ready for your day. For instance, place outgoing mail, shopping list, reusable shopping bags, store returns, The Marian Way water bottle, library books, gloves, change for the meter, car keys and more, in the bag. The bag saves you valuable time in the morning and prepares you for your day.

The Come and Go Bag will also keep your car neat and tidy by putting any items in the bag that you gather throughout your day. When you arrive home, carry The Come and Go Bag and items into your home.

The Come and Go Bag comes in various styles and colors. They are made from natural raffia with leather handles and drawstring closure.

The Marian Way Come and Go Bag was created by artisans that work in collectives around the countryside of Madagascar. Made from naturally dyed raffia, that is renewable, sustainable & biodegradable. Every clutch is unique, and there can be slight irregularities in the shade and shape of the bags due to the nature of its craftsmanship. With over 80% of the population of Madagascar living below the poverty level, it is imperative to support artisans with fair trade & fair wage practices to sustain families, communities & artisan traditions.

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